Patient Testimonials

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American Canyon Dental Care

5 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews.


“I can’t think of anything to change! Everyone is always professional and friendly, and services are always considerate and top quality. Thanks!”


“I was so impressed with Dr. Villa’s patience and understanding while dealing with my two-year-old’s first cleaning. My son is very active and I had doubts that the visit would be successful. However, Dr. Villa was able to get him to sit and stay seated the entire visit! She not only explained what all of the tools were before proceeding, but it was how she interacted with him to ensure that he was comfortable that made him at ease. I was equally impressed with our technician, who introduced us to a new word ‘sugar bugs,’ which my son and I talk about every time we brush his teeth now (and it has helped us with spitting them down the sink, too). I am looking forward to our next visit and can’t thank the entire staff enough for making this a more than pleasant experience for both my son and myself!”



“I’ve always been impressed by the streamlined organization and cleanliness in all areas of the clinic. Dr. Villa has always been very accessible and her associates have been friendly and helpful, always. For this reason I am still with your practice, after about six or seven years. Thank you so much.”



“​I have been going to Dr. Villa for almost five years and can honestly say she is the best dentist I have ever gone to. Not only do she and her qualified staff put you at ease, the work they do, especially Dr. Villa, is top notch. This is coming from someone who has spent many hours in a dentist chair over her lifetime.

“With my oral health being the best it has been in many years there was now another situation I was not happy with. My bottom teeth were very crowded, overlapping each other and discolored and not matching the great work achieved on my upper teeth.

“I researched online some information about Invisalign® that I had heard about. What a better way to go, especially at an older age for correcting what was not corrected properly, by me many years ago with the hardware type. Last December, shortly after I first heard about Invisalign, I was in having my teeth cleaned and inquired. To my delight, Dr. Villa was schooled in and offered this new technology.

“​After the first of the year we started the process, which is painless with pictures, impressions, and getting the computerized program off the ground. Sometime near the end of April I received my first custom-molded aligners. You would never really know you were wearing them. Every two weeks for a total of 30 weeks (just over half a year) I had a new set of aligners that continued to move my teeth to the desired position. It was amazing and again painless.

“I am absolutely delighted, but again, having Dr. Villa and her team on my side made it just that much easier and I could not be happier. I have now been wearing my night-time aligner religiously. I love my smile and want to keep it that way. Funny how things are different when you are the one paying. Thank you, Dr. Villa and everyone at American Canyon Dental Care!”