Personal Testimonial: Invisalign at American Canyon Dental Care

Just over a year ago, I began Invisalign treatment with Dr. Villa of American Canyon Dental Care. As a middle-aged man who had undergone traditional braces as an adolescent, I was hesitant to start this process again later in life. Dr. Villa and her staff were persistent and informed me that a new process known as Invisalign was both affordable and unobtrusive. In short, I would benefit greatly from having the alignment of my teeth corrected. This would have the tangible reward of better appearance, which as a teacher is quite appealing. But more importantly, better alignment is conducive to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

My decision to start the Invisalign process was lengthy, and the staff at American Canyon Dental Care were respectful of my hesitancy to begin this treatment. In hindsight, I wish that I had started the treatment sooner as the reward of having perfect teeth has been a very positive experience. In just a very short time my smile was transformed.

Invisalign has significant advantages over traditional braces. The process is essentially painless and the aligners, as the name suggests, are virtually invisible. Not once did anyone notice that I was wearing the aligners and those who knew that I was undergoing treatment could not tell when the aligners were in place.

Dr. Villa and her staff are among the kindest and most courteous dental professionals in the Bay Area. The expertise and proficiency of American Canyon Dental Care is beyond reproach. It is without hesitation that I wholeheartedly recommend Invisalign treatment with Dr. Villa. In just a few short months you too will be rewarded with a superior smile along with healthy teeth and gums.