Take the 3/50 challenge!

One of the most important functions of a Chamber of Commerce is to promote local business. "Think Local"; "Shop Local"; and "Hire Local" are just a few of the messages a Chamber exudes to encourage increased awareness of our local businesses. Greater awareness leads to increased use of our vendors. The more business comes through their doors, the more likely they will hire additional staff (especially locals) and purchase additional products and services they need.

It all starts with us, as individuals and as businesses. Are we shopping locally? Hiring locally? Thinking locally when making decisions? It can be hard to embrace this mindset when "the best deals" appear on faceless websites. Everyone loves to shop in their pajamas, right? Especially when you "save" so much money!

But are you really saving money? When you don't choose to spend your money locally you are denying your local businesses (oftentimes owned by your neighbors and friends) the opportunity to not only profit from your decision but to contribute to the locally economy through their own business practices. You incur costs you may not even consider, like the gas and time it takes to travel to the business. If you shop online you deny your local community the tax benefits of your purchase, benefits it uses to pay for police and fire services, road repairs, and more.

American Canyon does not offer every possible service our community desires but we have many wonderful businesses! We would love to have more of the businesses our residents and businesses want. How do we get there? By showing outsiders business thrives in American Canyon!

It all starts with discovery. Take the 3/50 Challenge: Visit three local businesses a month and spend a total of $50 between all three. If just one out of every ten residents took on this challenge they would inject an additional $100,000 into our local economy each month. The Multiplier Effect enhances the total benefit of this economic activity so the $100,000 may actually be $250,000 or more.

Buying locally makes a difference: to the businesses, residents, and community as a whole. Next time you get ready to go shopping, go to the dentist or doctor, work on your house or car, or look for a place to eat, think about whether you can get what you need right here in American Canyon. If you pay a bit more, remember your decision sets off a chain of positive events that may lead to your spouse or child getting a job right here in town!